“Midnight in Dublin” – A strange night out in old Dublin town

Midnight in Dublin

A few years ago, I lived in Dublin, Ireland, the setting for my short story, “Midnight in Dublin”, a tale of fate, destiny and chance, which all unravels in the course of one evening. Earlier drafts of the story were planned for London or Sydney, but changing the setting to Dublin made everything fall into place. It was great fun to write as I plotted the path of my two protagonists, whose strange adventures across the city take place in a period of six hours.

The story centers around two old friends, who on the surface are complete opposites. Lizzy is dreamy and ethereal, while Alice is brash and successful. Their lives have taken very different courses since their last visit to Ireland, as though the scales of destiny have been skewed. Crossing paths unexpectedly, they uncover a very unusual secret. Their fates entwined, they have only one night to put things right, as the clock hurtles towards midnight.

The guy above is Declan, the antihero of the story – a debt collector of a very unusual sort. I like the idea of the Georgian door and the shadow below, but it didn’t work on the final cover. The pop art illustration looked kind of cool – so this was the one I chose.

Early cover idea
Early cover idea

“Midnight in Dublin” by M.C. Dulac is available on Amazon as an e-book –


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