The Berlin Pictures

Having recently started exploring the world of apps, I discovered the totally addictive Hipstamatic and Oggl photo apps (resulting in a lot of time spent pressing buttons and experimenting with filters, and a lot less time spent actually working).

When I was flipping through the Oggl photo app, I saw their pledge “We see the beauty in everything and capture life”, a truly inspiring thought.

This is the goal of Jess, the young photographer in the short story “The Berlin Pictures”, who we meet as she is traveling through Berlin, Germany. Jess wanders the streets taking photographs of Berlin and its residents.

However, her camera has unusual origins and she is not the only one aware of its potential.

She soon finds herself trapped in a battle of wits with a manipulative and charming art dealer, trying to protect herself, her secret and her whimsical camera. Can dreamers like Jess exist in the modern world? Is the pursuit of beauty possible in the marketplace?

A story about the purpose of art and its potential to change us.

The angel on the cover of “The Berlin Pictures” was inspired by the brilliant work of 19th century artist, Gustav Dore.

The full short story, “The Berlin Pictures” is available from Amazon for download as an e-book, for the princely sum of US99 cents:

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  1. just finnished The Berlin Pictures .. liked it and am now going to download Midnight in Dublin .. love your recent drawing, very fancyfull … very detailed, very good

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