Weekly Drawing 3 – Airships, Steampunk and Very Intelligent Animals

Sir Cecil was astonished to find his fox terriers were building a dirigible in the garden – again

This week’s drawing is the result of having a little too much time on my hands, a number of felt tip pens and a copy of Jeff Vandermeer’s book on Steampunk.

There are actually 25 dogs in this picture.


9 responses to “Weekly Drawing 3 – Airships, Steampunk and Very Intelligent Animals”

    • Thank you! This drawing certainly kept growing! It was one of those evenings when I was at home by myself and had not much to do. That terrier is definitely running the show!

  1. Haha, I just love the two peeking on top of the airship! And whole lot!
    I could easily imagine this as an illustration in a book for children (and for me;). Time spent for drawing is never wasted time.

    • Wow,that is high praise indeed! Leonardo did devise some ingenious contraptions – I also love his animal pictures like the wolf and the eagle in the boat. I fear the airship the dogs are building may end up like Leonardo’s helicopter. Thanks for your kind comment – it will inspire me onwards!

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