Flash Fiction 12 – Missed Days


Grace ran down the stairs of her apartment building, almost colliding with the cleaners. They must have come a day early, Grace thought as she nodded and smiled, because they usually came on Tuesdays.

When Grace got to work she realised it was Tuesday. Where had Monday gone?

The week flew past. Grace spent a lot of time updating spreadsheets, walking around the large open-plan office, going to meetings, completing employee satisfaction surveys, looking at memes and gossip on the internet and occasionally going to the gym.

That was the first time she realised she had missed Thursday too. Where did the days go?

Grace planned to slow down on the weekend, except that was gone in a flash. By the time she’d done the housework, the shopping, had her hair done, and met friends for drinks, it was Monday again.

Except this time it was Wednesday. Time continued to fly by, until all she had left was Thursday afternoons.

She sat at her desk shaking. Did anyone else notice this? Outside the sun was shining. She had not gone out at lunch – she didn’t have the time. Now she got up, crossed the floor and walked through the silent marble lobby.

As she crossed the courtyard, the shadows of the modern sculptures started to spin. The sun was shifting in the sky, hours becoming seconds.

A tall woman was standing at the edge of the courtyard. Grace ran over to her but stopped a few feet away. The woman was almost translucent.

“What’s happening?” Grace asked.

The woman gazed through pale blue eyes, “The world is running out of time. We have to ensure it is being used effectively.”

“But it goes too fast.”

“We take from some, to give to others. Others doing more valuable things.”

Grace frowned, “You are taking time from me?”

“Most people do not even notice.”

“Please, soon I’ll have nothing left.”

“If we return some of this time to you, will you use it wisely?”

Grace nodded quickly.

“One more chance,” the woman walked away.

Grace stood alone in the courtyard. For the first time in a long time she saw the texture in the clouds, the colours in the stone and the beauty in the cityscape.

 *  *  *  *  *

9 responses to “Flash Fiction 12 – Missed Days”

  1. I really like this! I’m not just returning a comment, this is fantastic. After the second reading, the line ‘she didn’t have the time’ jumped right at me, despite its initial subtlety. Well done!

    • Thank you! 🙂 The cleaners in my building came on Monday not Tuesday this week, so that got me thinking!

      I always like what I ‘like’. Sometimes I read stuff that is so profound or a poem that just blows me away, and I can’t find the words to express its effect and wonder if a ‘like’ is enough!

      I’ve been tending toward the understated comment lately. The comments I make are always well deserved 🙂

  2. This is great. I swear I keep asking myself where October and November went. I’ve been so busy I’ve had to ‘force’ myself to take a break and just enjoy the present moment.

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