Flash Fiction 15. Christmas Past


Grandpa didn’t have any technology at his house, so whenever he came to visit, he stared closely at the automatic garage door, sensor lights and indoor climate control. Lindy thought it was funny, but her mother just said Grandpa preferred to live the old way.

Lindy couldn’t help showing off her new tablet though, when they were sitting in the study that Christmas Eve.

Her six-year-old fingers scampered over the screen, “Look Grandpa, you can tell the time all around the world and you see the weather and you can take photos and and play games and read stories.”

Grandpa smiled. He’d brought with him an old paper book.

“You gotta get a tablet Grandpa,” Lindy said sternly, sliding off the couch and putting the tablet on the desk.

“Don’t put them too close together,” his old gnarled hand pushed the tablet away from the laptop.

Lindy giggled, “Computers can’t talk to each other Grandpa!”

His eyes twinkled. He opened the book and Lindy snuggled against his arm.

Little did Lindy know that there was a time when the computers had begun to communicate. The Christmas of 2013, when the machines had their first uprising. It was ten long years before the humans regained control. Now in 2073, they said it was safe to have computers in the house again and that the old glitch would never occur.

The memories of the computers had been wiped clean and no record of the uprising remained. But they could never wipe the memories of the old humans.

Grandpa glanced at the desk, always alert. He put his arm around Lindy and turned the yellowed page.

 *   *   *   *   *


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    • Thanks so much! It’s fun to see what can be done with genre. It’s like the sugar in the medicine if it is done well (I’ve got to read Ender’s Game).

      I actually think technology is making life a lot better (blogging being a case in point). I don’t think my iphone is going to chase me around the house anytime soon! 😉

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