Creature Sketchbook

Here’s a selection of creatures I’ve found in my sketchbooks…

These guys are possums, who have an unfortunate habit of moving into people’s roofs in Australia, uninvited. The largest drawing looks like the possum who kicked the ventilation grill off my bathroom ceiling one night, and decided to have a good peek inside the house. He saw me, I saw him, we both squealed and ran away.

Australian possums looking innocent and mischievous at the same time
Australian possums looking innocent and mischievous at the same time

I’ve also come face to face with a variety of lizards and small goannas over the years. These guys come from a fabulous and very practical Australian book entitled “What Lizard is that?” by Wilson and Suton (now that’s an idea for a Christmas stocking filler):

Lizards everywhere!
Lizards everywhere!

I’m impressed at the notes I made on this sketch of kangaroos (haven’t had too many encounters with kangaroos, although have seen them wild in Western Australia).

A carefully annotated kangaroo
A carefully annotated kangaroo

And after all that serious sketching, here’s some whimsical character sketches for a class I did last year:

We had to come up with an idea for a character – hence this bear

This is one of the things this bear got up to, and this is one of his friends…

Bear and Yeti
Bear and Yeti

There was more of this bear, but these were the best drawings!

And last of all, I found this awesome cat who surely deserves a space on this blog!

"You wanna see what's in the cupboard?"
“You wanna see what’s in the cupboard?”

Have a great week everyone!

All Drawings Copyright © 2012

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  1. Love the sketches, especially the bear. Had an encounter with a possum who decided to make the roof their home. We did catch him and released back into the forest. Also have seen lots of kangaroos in the wild, walking by the golf course where my parents live in a country town south of Perth. Thank you for the share. 😀

    • Exactly! What is in that cupboard? When I saw that drawing again I had one of those snorts of laughter, so I thought that cat deserves his/her place on a post!

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