Four Ghost Stories

I’ve been very busy lately and here’s one of the reasons why:

Ghost Stories final
New this week!

“Four Ghost Stories” went up on Amazon this week. “What’s it all about?” I hear someone hollering. Basically it’s four ghost stories. Call a spade a spade I say, no fancy titles.

More specifically, here’s the blurb:

Four chilling ghost stories to send shivers down your spine!

The Druids’ Circle – A London financier seeks peace and quiet in the English countryside.  However his isolated country house is overlooked by a stand of yew trees, which soon begin to exert a bizarre and evil power over him…

Death and Life – In a quaint village pub, a sinister stranger engages in a contest for the lives and souls of unsuspecting travelers… (This is inspired by the Flash Fiction of the same name I did a few months back)

The Curse of Glenhorpe – An old titled family is haunted by a curse placed upon them by a vengeful Norman knight…

Tell Me What You See – A young woman stumbles across psychic messages, which reveal a possible murder…

And until midnight Saturday Pacific Standard Time, YOU can get these “Four Ghost Stories” absolutely FREE! So make sure you get over there before time runs out! NOTE: ***PROMO NOW OVER 🙁 ***

Don’t forget, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get the free kindle app and turn your smartphone into a kindle, thereby reading “Four Ghost Stories” and anything else you so choose, anytime you want!

*  *  *  *  *

On a sweltering humid Sydney day last week, I was walking around the city looking for spooky things that would invoke the mist-shrouded valleys of England.

With a bit of help from iPhoto, the golden Sydney sandstone wall above was transformed into a sepulchral green vault. The words fitted neatly into the archway!

Here were some other cover concepts:

NSW Government House is a grand Georgian-Gothic building overlooking the Harbour (house and grounds open to the public if you are ever in town).

The colonnade looks over semi-tropical gardens:

Government House Terrace

A few tweaks on the computer and it becomes the eerie twilit terrace of Tony’s house in “The Druids’ Circle” (if you hear someone knocking on the doors late at night, it’s better not to answer…)

Ghost stories cover 3
I think I saw someone out there….

I was considering using the front of NSW Government House as the grand country home in “The Curse of Glenhorpe” (the place where the Ghost of the Grey Knight may or may not be walking).

Ghost stories cover 5
It’s not Sydney, it’s old England, maybe!

Then there were the strange details I found on buildings. These looked creepy.

Sinister carvings!
Sinister carvings!
Obviously ancient stone!
Obviously ancient stone!

And so with a bit of computer tinkering came proposed cover number four:


Don’t forget, William Blake, somewhat of an indie writer himself, designed his own covers too!

Happy reading everyone and have a great weekend!

15 responses to “Four Ghost Stories”

  1. Congratulations!
    I unfortunately do not have kindle or an Iphone 🙁 Is there any way/place where I could read them or get them in a different way? I’d really love to read them, I am especially intruiged by stories number 1 and 4 😀

    • Good on you Jennifer! The promo ran out on Saturday night so hope you got there on time! Remember to stay glued to WordPress at all times 😉 Otherwise it’s the exorbitant and unbelievable amount of 99 cents! Enjoy your Kindle!

    • I used to be too scared to read ghost stories at all! And I could never watch a movie about ghosts.

      It’s less scary when I am writing the story and I know what is going to happen 🙂

      • 😨 before I enjoy watching it 😨
        😫 until it haunts me in my sleep 😫
        😭 so I choose not to watch and read horror stories 😭

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