Fiction by Numbers


Here’s something new and exciting!

So that I am inspired and you are entertained in 2014 (hopefully :)), I am setting myself a new flash fiction challenge! One story, each week involving a number. But not something easy (two cats, three parsnips, four umbrellas). I will stretch myself creatively, delving deep into the imaginative realm and racking my brain for the obscure and unexpected!

Get excited. Story zero is going up shortly!


8 responses to “Fiction by Numbers”

    • Thank you – should keep me going for a while. I have only written zero and four at the moment. Time to chew the end of my pencil and come up with one, two and three!

  1. A really great idea MC Dulac! Numbers are very powerful and they exist everywhere. Did you ever see the Jim Carrey ‘Number 23’ – I think you might like this. Best Wishes, Donna

    • Thanks Donna! I’ll look out for that film!

      Numbers are interesting. I might get a book on numerology and see if I can subtly weave in some of those theories into my upcoming tales!! 🙂

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