Fiction by Numbers


Here’s something new and exciting!

So that I am inspired and you are entertained in 2014 (hopefully :)), I am setting myself a new flash fiction challenge! One story, each week involving a number. But not something easy (two cats, three parsnips, four umbrellas). I will stretch myself creatively, delving deep into the imaginative realm and racking my brain for the obscure and unexpected!

Get excited. Story zero is going up shortly!


Published by M. C. Dulac

Fiction writer.

8 thoughts on “Fiction by Numbers

    1. Thank you – should keep me going for a while. I have only written zero and four at the moment. Time to chew the end of my pencil and come up with one, two and three!

    1. Thanks Donna! I’ll look out for that film!

      Numbers are interesting. I might get a book on numerology and see if I can subtly weave in some of those theories into my upcoming tales!! 🙂

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