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I just had to share this comment on my ebook page from the all-blogging, all-writing, all-drawing, all-book-reviewing, all-podcasting, creative powerhouse Anneque Malchien! Is there anything this girl can’t do? Here’s what Anneque said about “The Wary Traveler”:

The Wary Traveller was very, very excellent. The pacing was perfect, it just dripped with tension and chilling folklore and a wonderful spirit of wanderlust. When I got to Jim’s ending on the mountain I threw down the Kindle and went “Yes!” because it was exactly what it should have been, and that was fantastic.
It was perfect.

Anneque has also made “The Wary Traveler” her recommended book of the week! Check out her amazing blog here and her Goodreads review here.

Wary Traveler
An alpine holiday – with a few twists!


In case “The Wary Traveler” is on your to-read list somewhere and you feel like some summertime alpine escapism, do have a look. I take no responsibility for damage to your Kindles though 😉

And a huge thank you to J.S. Collyer for her lovely review of “The Wary Traveler” a few weeks ago!!


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