Lunch hour sketchbook – Sydney, Australia


My 2012 resolution was to do one drawing a day. The first step was to purchase the right sketchbook (this A5 Japanese one seemed perfect) and to fill it up by the end of the year.

The well-thumbed sketchbook
The well-thumbed sketchbook

You might note it is now 2014. The book is still half empty. Months seems to go by when I don’t have any time, and then I have a big burst inspiration (and a job where I can take a full hour at lunchtime).

Here is an assortment of some recent drawings, plus my homemade tips for “lunchtime sketching”.

*  *  *  *  *

  • Scan the area quickly and find the best spot to sketch from, where you will have minimal interruptions from human (stray soccer balls) and non-human sources (ants, aggressive wildlife etc).
  • Work with a pen and make no corrections. Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You’ll learn something from the drawing. And if it is a real disaster, no one needs to know. Just rip it out. It’s your sketch book. You make the rules.
  • Adapt to the weather.


The day I drew this cherub statue was so hot, I almost melted. I was also being menaced by a particularly aggressive colony of ants.

This cherub also looks more plaintive than the one in real life
This cherub looks more plaintive than the one in real life

The next day was pouring with rain. This sketch of the back of Sydney Hospital was made while sitting on a step under a colonnade, while rain swirled around outside.

Suffering for my art, sketch made in a draughty colonnade
Suffering for my art, sketch made in a draughty colonnade


  • Look for little things.

Okay, I find tree shapes pretty fascinating. This is the trunk of a Morton Bay fig tree in the Botanic Gardens.

Tree Trunk
Tree Trunk
  • Sketching is yoga for the mind. This was a perfect day and I am pretty pleased with how this tree turned out.
Tree in Botanic Gardens
Tree in Botanic Gardens

Have a great week everyone!


Morning in Sydney
Morning in Sydney

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7 thoughts on “Lunch hour sketchbook – Sydney, Australia

    1. Thank you! It’s lovely to sit outside with a pen and a blank sketchbook and just see what appears on the page. There’s so many inspiring things in the world!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! I never know what’s going to appear when I do this spontaneous drawing. Sketching is great – it exercises the other half of my brain! 🙂

  1. Awesome drawings MC! I should draw more but always make excuses. Your artwork is inspiring me to get back into sketching 😀

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