In the Time of the Forest

Forest girl
Sketches for proposed illustration cover

No flash fiction this week!

But instead, some news about a new “Unusual Tale” that is now available on Amazon.

In the time of the forest May
In the Time of the Forest cover

Here’s the plot:

The heart of a forest creature is large enough for the mountains, the air, the streams and the woods, but it must never allow love for a humankind.”

Europe 1682. All her life, Lena has been told never to go into the forest after dark. Years ago, her town fought a battle with fearsome forest creatures, mysterious shape-shifting beings who are half-man, half-vine. But one evening, Lena lingers in the twilight glades too long. In a world where no one and nothing is as it seems, she must ensure she does not break the most important rule of all – a love that will destroy her and the one she loves.

Yes it’s a sweet little paranormal romance! And, for a very limited time, it is available FREE! (Free run offer ends midnight 31 May 2014, Pacific Standard Time).

So hop over to Amazon NOW! Don’t miss out, because it won’t be free again for a while!

Fun Fact – that’s my hand on the cover!

Black and white photo
Initial cover photo before I flipped it over, added the blue glow and smoothed out those creases!


And don’t forget to check out the “Unusual Tales” link on the menu for even more tales with unexpected twists!

5 responses to “In the Time of the Forest”

  1. Congratulations MC! I am a bit behind on the blog posts but fantastic news on the publication of you book. Will check it out 😀

    • No worries Luciana! 🙂 I’ve been behind on my blogging too! 😉

      I’ve just completed the seventh of the “Unusual Tales” – I think that is enough for time being. There are five out and two to go! The last one is a mystery set in Paris about an alchemist. I’ve been reading a lot on Ancient Egypt and Alexandria!

      • Must get myself organised and purchase your stories. Been playing catch up and still don’t seem to be getting any where. Oh well.
        take care 😀

      • No problem and certainly no need to download the stories! Whatever catches your interest!

        I love so many genres, WordPress has been amazing in helping me discover new writers!

        I’m looking forward to some new Accursed Women tales 🙂

      • Writing a completely different series at present 😀 I will write a second Accursed Women collection. Have a few interesting women to add.

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