Senseless Sentences


And now for something silly.

The idea for this post came from a hilarious flash fiction by fellow blogger B B Goodman entitled, “Virginia is Furious”.

The story revolves around the idea of writing “something that looks like something but doesn’t mean a thing”. The story is very clever so I suggest you check it out as well as all the other wonderful stories on the “A Story a Day” blog.

Since I spend most of my time trying to ensure my sentences make sense, I wondered how hard it is to write nonsense. Would any sense creep in, even in the middle of the nonsense? Would my nonsense unearth some new plot idea?

Scribbling fast, here is my attempt at writing senseless sentences.

* * * * * *

Yesterday the blue antelopes raced over the world’s iris.


Watching the melody, Jim chowed down on freebies, resentfully.


She found it hard to encircle the globe, while the fine dust melted melancholy.


Iron clasp, go where ascending snowdrops arch.


Buttering irony, wrapping it well in denial, she dressed for calamity.


“My father,” he roared, “Be known and lucid when the chicken of destiny rises.”


* * * * * *


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  1. Oh, and of course I should have a go at one myself. Ok, here goes:

    ‘The tartan man banged a closet, but all that seldom came in the senseless rain… was plastic.’

    Hey, that was fun.

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