11. Off the Scale


There are many invisible forces in the world, as real as the physical forms surrounding us. Some forces enhance life and some diminish it. Although held in balance, sometimes the forces can rush like a great tide, dousing the flames of hope and enthusiasm. These flows of energy are unnoticed by most people except when they experience a headache or extreme stress.

Janey, who was generally happy, had no idea of this as she sat in the bus, her head pounding and her spirit weighed down.

Unknown to her, she had been absorbing too much of the bad energy of the world. She had drunk in all the anger and unfairness and pain, until her sunny nature was almost crushed by a dark vortex.

Across the aisle, a mysterious stranger stared at the energy strands above Janey’s head. This amount of darkness was off the scale – an 11 at least.

The stranger wondered how on earth Janey had absorbed so much stress, but he guessed in this world of trouble and bad news, it was easy for humans to feel down.

The stranger cast a sharp look and the dark energy disappeared. Janey lifted her head. She suddenly felt better.

“Don’t take on all the worries of the world,” he said, as they stepped off the bus, “That’s our job.”

Janey blinked. She could almost believe she saw a pair of angel wings on the stranger, as he disappeared into the crowds, in a rush of positive light.


A weekly exercise in micro-fiction – stories which run from zero to fifty

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© 2014 M. C. Dulac


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    • Thanks HA! I was feeling down the other day, and realised I had taken on too many worries! When I decided not to worry about things outside my control, I felt much better!

  1. Certainly have felt that way many a time. You have captured the feelings perfectly. A wonderful piece of writing MC 😀

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