Book Trivia Time!


I have now joined Goodreads!

One exciting thing I’ve been able to do, is create trivia quizzes for my books. So pop over to Goodreads and try out these FREE quizzes. Even if you have not read the books, I’d love to know what you think of the quizzes, and how many answers you can get right!

There are no spoilers! Go on, try it out for fun!

Here are some sample questions:

The Four Ghost Stories Quiz

When Tony Mullen moves from London to the English countryside, what does he find at the end of the garden?

  1. a statue of a druid
  2. a sinister circle of yew trees
  3. an ancient burial ground for witches

Who is Prudence?

  1. the town witch
  2. the well-born former owner of Tony’s country house
  3. a ghost hunter
  4. Tony’s friendly housekeeper

To find out the correct answers, do the quiz!

The Midnight in Dublin Quiz

In Midnight in Dublin, Lizzy meets up with her old friend Alice, who reveals a very unexpected, supernatural secret. Where does Lizzy agree to meet Alice?

  1. outside the gates of Trinity College, Dublin
  2. A Grafton Street department store
  3. A coffee shop in Wicklow Street

The girls race across the city, trying to stop fate. Which well-known Dublin landmarks do they pass?

  1. The cobblestone streets of Temple Bar
  2. St Stephen’s Green
  3. The townhouses of Harcourt
  4. All of the above

To find out the correct answers, do the quiz!


What do you think of book trivia and quizzes in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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