14. Time Travel

This week, a lighthearted tale…

*  *  *  *  *

“Do you want a seat?” the guy sitting by the bus window asked.

“Sure,” Janey had been happy to stand, but now she saw the seat was free.

The guy moved over and she perched next to him.

He had a slide phone. Janey hadn’t seen one of those for years.

“Can I ask you a favour?” he said.

Janey raised an eyebrow. The guy looked normal. He was a little preppy, with an over-the-shoulder sling bag she hadn’t seen for years either.

“I know it sounds weird,” he said, “But there’s something special about this bus seat. What if I told you, that if you sit here, near the window, you can see what it’s like seven years into the future?”

Janey raised her eyebrows higher.

“Don’t you want to see what it’s like in 2021?” he said, putting his iPod Shuffle in his pocket, “I wanted to see 2014. The problem is, I think I like 2007 better.”


“Yes, and if you took this seat, I could go back home.”


“To 2007.”

Janey thought about all those warnings about talking to crazy people on the bus.

“You see, I can’t go back unless you agree,” the guy went on earnestly, “That’s what the guy who gave me this seat told me.”

“That’s crazy. You can’t have a time-traveling bus seat,” Janey shook her head at the absurdity.

“This is my stop!” the guy said, “Can I get off here?”

Janey swiveled her legs so the guy could get past. He winked at her, “Thank heaps.”

Janey looked at the seat near the window. Time travel to 2021. That was crazy.

Would 2021 be better than now?

She moved across, closed her eyes and smiled.


*  *  *  *  *

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13 responses to “14. Time Travel”

  1. Hmmm… 2007 interesting choice MC 😀 I too still have my ipod shuffle, and still use it!
    I have to ask, why 2007? Like the concept of a time travelling bus seat, very original.

    • My first iPod shuffle broke down years ago! It was one of the very early white stick ones. I do have a square one now that still works.

      In 2007 I was living overseas! A lot seems to have happened in the world since then (GFC etc)

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