My Travels…

Traditional Maltese fishing boat
Traditional Maltese fishing boat

I’ve been absent from my blog for a few weeks because I’ve been on holiday. Some good friends of mine had a birthday party – in Malta!

I’ve been down at the beach.

Blue Lagoon, Comino
Blue Lagoon, Comino

Exploring lanes in an ancient fortress built by the Knights of Malta.

The mysterious ancient capital of Malta - Ir-Lmdina
The mysterious ancient capital of Malta – Ir-Lmdina

Admiring the magnificent harbour and learning about the fascinating history of this Mediterranean island.

The harbour of Valletta
The harbour of Valletta

And since it takes such a long time to get to Europe, I couldn’t go home without spending a few days in Paris.

Central Paris - so stylish...
Central Paris – so stylish…

Wandering along the Seine…

View of Notre Dame Cathedral from Ile St Louis
View of Notre Dame Cathedral from Ile St Louis

Strolling through the gardens..

Such beautiful colours!
Such beautiful colours!

And absorbing the atmosphere for my new story “The Alchemist of Paris”!

Sigh, it’s back to reality now after a wonderful holiday!

* * * *

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13 thoughts on “My Travels…

    1. Paris is a beautiful city! There are so many fascinating historic houses and artist studios and tiny museums. I was doing a bit of research for my a story too – making sure it was possible for my heroine to get by foot to the places she was meant to go!

      Malta is an amazing country! I don’t know if you have been there, but I fully recommend it!

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