The Many Stages of Writing a Novel

The Many Stages of Writing a Novel
The Many Stages of Writing a Novel


The novel is almost finished! Writing is never a straightforward journey. Here is a rough sketch of my recent writing experiences in graph form (‘Writer’s Mood’ on one axis, ‘Time Passed’ on the other).

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8 thoughts on “The Many Stages of Writing a Novel

  1. I love the diagram. There have been times I feel like stopping and shooting the monkey off my shoulder. Then a big breath and a push forward. I’m so happy for you that finished your novel–ready for publishing or a revision?

    1. Thank you Cindy! Definitely take that deep breath and keep going! There are so many things that happen along the way. I am almost there. I have included all reader feedback and made structural amendments, so now I am in the final edit, chasing down errant apostrophes and catching any pesky errors that slipped through. Then, I have to decide the publication date!

    1. Thank you! Yes editing is endless tinkering. As I believe Oscar Wilde said about commas, I spend half my time putting them in and half the time taking them out!

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