Flash Fiction 9 – The Decision

They sat high on the ridge, watching the flickering campfires below. The night was cold and vast, the sky a glittering dome of stars. The dry grasses rattled in the wind. “If we join them we lose our freedom,” Rill muttered. “If we stay here we starve,” Ella said, “There’s warmth, food, a future downContinue reading “Flash Fiction 9 – The Decision”

Flash Fiction 8 – Death and Life

Living in a large city, Lana rarely recognised the strangers around her. That was why she was so surprised to encounter the two gentleman, at such different times. The first time was on a bus, late one night. The streets were dark and she wasn’t sure if she should get off the bus at TownContinue reading “Flash Fiction 8 – Death and Life”

Flash Fiction 7 – Friday night drinks

“Would you rather live in the 1970s or the 1980s?” the handsome young man with the soft brown eyes leaned in closer. Katy giggled. The wine bar was so noisy on Friday nights. This guy had an unusual line of conversation. “Hmmm,” she said, “1970s.” “Interesting,” he flashed a smile and sipped his drink, “NewContinue reading “Flash Fiction 7 – Friday night drinks”

Flash Fiction 6 – The Week Away

The writer had been working frantically all month. The words poured from her fingertips, filling her notebooks and speeding across the screen of her laptop. Ideas had come to her on the street, in the supermarket, on the train or during conversations with friends, sprinkling down like stardust. Her desk summoned her as she wroteContinue reading “Flash Fiction 6 – The Week Away”

Mythology Workshop 2 – Demeter’s Feast

This piece was written for the Mythology Workshop over at the 13th Floor Paradigm. The task was to pick a mythological figure and a recipe suitable for that figure, and weave the recipe into the story. Demeter, the goddess of the corn and the harvest, seemed a promising subject. Here’s what I came up with…Continue reading “Mythology Workshop 2 – Demeter’s Feast”

Flash Fiction 5 – There was a strange smell coming from the refrigerator

There was a strange smell coming from the refrigerator. At first Hank thought it was a piece of pizza, but he moved the old jars around and found nothing. Not that it was likely he’d forget a piece of pizza. Hank took a can of beer over to his favourite chair, sat himself down andContinue reading “Flash Fiction 5 – There was a strange smell coming from the refrigerator”

Flash Fiction 4 – You’ll never want to leave

“I never want to leave,” Janey said, resting her head on her husband’s shoulder. “Stay here forever?” Stan smiled, keeping his eyes on the road, “That’d be nice.” For the last month the couple had been traveling across Western Australia. They’d driven through the mysterious Pinnacles desert, climbed the red-rock canyons of the Kalbarri Gorges,Continue reading “Flash Fiction 4 – You’ll never want to leave”