The Berlin Pictures

Having recently started exploring the world of apps, I discovered the totally addictive Hipstamatic and Oggl photo apps (resulting in a lot of time spent pressing buttons and experimenting with filters, and a lot less time spent actually working). When I was flipping through the Oggl photo app, I saw their pledge “We see theContinue reading “The Berlin Pictures”

Every blog needs a cat

I like to draw all sorts of things, particularly animals. It wouldn’t be a blog without a cat, so here’s my contribution. There’s a cat at the end of my street, who looks like this. She just stares, plays it cool, surveys the scene and retreats behind the wall. She has a pretty impressive mane andContinue reading “Every blog needs a cat”

“Midnight in Dublin” – A strange night out in old Dublin town

A few years ago, I lived in Dublin, Ireland, the setting for my short story, “Midnight in Dublin”, a tale of fate, destiny and chance, which all unravels in the course of one evening. Earlier drafts of the story were planned for London or Sydney, but changing the setting to Dublin made everything fall intoContinue reading ““Midnight in Dublin” – A strange night out in old Dublin town”