Book Four in The Alchemist’s Passage

Time slips away, while the alchemist stays the same. But has he finally run out of time?

In 1938, acclaimed scientist and secret alchemist, Jean-Louis Champillon is haunted by one wish – to be reunited with Elise, the girl he lost over a century before.

Intrigued by a fellow alchemist, Champillon embarks on a strange journey. But with the clouds of war gathering, dangerous regimes are also watching.

Arriving in 1930s Sydney, Australia, Champillon befriends young Grace Hamilton. Together they unravel the mystery of a French lady explorer named Elise.

However when a Nazi double agent appears, neither Champillon nor Grace will be safe in Sydney’s sophisticated hotels, sparkling coves or tranquil bays.

Champillon will have to sacrifice his wealth and pride to survive – and trust his heart that it is never too late to find the woman he loves.

Available from all Amazon stores in Ebook, Paperback and free on Kindle Unlimited.

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