In 1802, a sudden tempest blows the sailing ship Orpheus into the port of Batavia, Java. There Captain Matthew Barrett takes on a last minute cargo—a mysterious engraved box, with strict orders not to look inside.

In 1984, alchemist Ellie Forrest joins an expedition to find the long-lost wreck of the Orpheus. Ellie soon fears the wreck contains an ancient elixir—a substance so powerful it continues to influence sailors and the sea.

With the expedition’s mysterious benefactor getting ever closer, Ellie must solve the mystery of what happened during the last days of the Orpheus, and discover what lies under the waves. 

Separated by time, Ellie and Matthew must resist alchemy’s deadly allure. But when alchemy and magic converge with the heart, the truth will always be unexpected.

Available as an ebook and paperback and free on Kindle Unlimited.