Flash Fiction 3 – “I did NOT murder my wife.”

“I did NOT murder my wife,” the email began. Roger stared nervously at the screen of his laptop. The email continued with various expletives, insults as to his writing ability, suggestions he might try another career, and then, the final sentence. “I demand you take this garbage down immediately. Derek.” It wasn’t fair. Roger wasContinue reading “Flash Fiction 3 – “I did NOT murder my wife.””

Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman

This little piece was written as part of the Mythology Workshop over at The 13th Floor Paradigm. The topic was “Gods and Goddesses visit the 21st century” and the individual story prompt was “Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”. * * * * * * * * * Hermes was tired of beingContinue reading “Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”

Flash Fiction – 2. The Vampire of Ballymorren

Alberto was sitting on a hillside overlooking the west coast of Ireland, admiring his fine lace cuffs, when he spotted a young man on the path below. He was beside him in an instant, “Do you mind if I walk with you, this dark night?” “No worries mate,” the young man replied, adjusting his backpack,Continue reading “Flash Fiction – 2. The Vampire of Ballymorren”