That’s not my point of view! Keeping characters in character

In “The Alchemist of Paris”, my current work in progress, our intrepid young heroine is summoned to work as a maid for a mysterious master in Paris in 1820. As she arrives at the darkened house, she is filled with amazement as she gazes upon the baroque facade, the carved lintel over the door andContinue reading “That’s not my point of view! Keeping characters in character”

“Midnight in Dublin” – new cover reveal

    Here is the amazing new cover for “Midnight in Dublin” created by Adriana Haganu at “Midnight in Dublin” is a supernatural thriller with magical realism elements, set in Dublin, Ireland. Here is the plot: When Lizzy James flies to Dublin, all she wants is to forget her worries and have a relaxing weekend.Continue reading ““Midnight in Dublin” – new cover reveal”

Spring Cleaning!

Note to northern hemisphere readers – August is the last month of winter in Australia. With the freezing cold rain that has been pelting down lately, it’s certainly felt like I’ve been doing the ice bucket challenge on the way home from work each night. But now it’s the first days of spring, my fluContinue reading “Spring Cleaning!”

Book Review: “Zero” by J.S. Collyer

It takes a lot to stop someone in their tracks on the blogosphere, but that’s what happened to me when I came across J.S. Collyer’s creative writing blog “The Path” last year. Her short and flash fiction pieces jumped out to be read. In each piece there was a masterful control of plot, scenery andContinue reading “Book Review: “Zero” by J.S. Collyer”

Book Trivia Time!

  I have now joined Goodreads! One exciting thing I’ve been able to do, is create trivia quizzes for my books. So pop over to Goodreads and try out these FREE quizzes. Even if you have not read the books, I’d love to know what you think of the quizzes, and how many answers you canContinue reading “Book Trivia Time!”

In the Time of the Forest

No flash fiction this week! But instead, some news about a new “Unusual Tale” that is now available on Amazon. Here’s the plot: “The heart of a forest creature is large enough for the mountains, the air, the streams and the woods, but it must never allow love for a humankind.” Europe 1682. All herContinue reading “In the Time of the Forest”

Monthly Book Review: Mohini, Salyuta, Beyond the Reef by Bryan Knower

When a story grabs you at the very first line, you know it’s going to be good. That’s exactly what happened with three short stories by Bryan Knower, which I read this weekend. Each of them have that perfect mix of plot, action and exciting locations – what more could you want! Mohini, begins withContinue reading “Monthly Book Review: Mohini, Salyuta, Beyond the Reef by Bryan Knower”

“The Wary Traveler” – news and reviews

  I just had to share this comment on my ebook page from the all-blogging, all-writing, all-drawing, all-book-reviewing, all-podcasting, creative powerhouse Anneque Malchien! Is there anything this girl can’t do? Here’s what Anneque said about “The Wary Traveler”: The Wary Traveller was very, very excellent. The pacing was perfect, it just dripped with tension andContinue reading ““The Wary Traveler” – news and reviews”

Book Review: Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E Smith

Here’s a great, immensely enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction (which I think includes all of you). This writer popped into my blog a few weeks weeks ago and I’m totally thrilled to discover and recommend her debut novel, “Cemetery Tours”. The hero, Michael Sinclair, has a problem – he can see, hearContinue reading “Book Review: Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E Smith”