Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat

Even though it’s three weeks into the New Year, it’s never too late to set out your New Year Resolutions. In my opinion, you can decide on New Year Resolutions any time up until 31 December! So, in no particular order, here are my creative resolutions for 2014. 1. Get organised I was particularly inspiredContinue reading “Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat”

Four Ghost Stories

I’ve been very busy lately and here’s one of the reasons why: “Four Ghost Stories” went up on Amazon this week. “What’s it all about?” I hear someone hollering. Basically it’s four ghost stories. Call a spade a spade I say, no fancy titles. More specifically, here’s the blurb: Four chilling ghost stories to sendContinue reading “Four Ghost Stories”

Story Excerpt – “The Wary Traveler”

We’re now heading towards the last 24 hours of the free promotion for “The Wary Traveler”! If you haven’t done so, make sure you hop across to Amazon to get your copy – http://www.amazon.com/dp/ASIN/B00DILP6JS! Free offer ends midnight (Pacific Standard Time) Sunday 8th December 2013! It’s midsummer in Europe and Jim, a young American who hasContinue reading “Story Excerpt – “The Wary Traveler””

The Wary Traveler

Feeling cold? Wishing you were on summer holiday? Wishing you were on a really interesting summer holiday with unexpected supernatural twists? For a limited time only, “The Wary Traveler” is available for free on Amazon! Rush over there now to get your copy! No dawdling! Here’s the plot: It’s midsummer in the European Alps. FourContinue reading “The Wary Traveler”

The Berlin Pictures

Having recently started exploring the world of apps, I discovered the totally addictive Hipstamatic and Oggl photo apps (resulting in a lot of time spent pressing buttons and experimenting with filters, and a lot less time spent actually working). When I was flipping through the Oggl photo app, I saw their pledge “We see theContinue reading “The Berlin Pictures”

“Midnight in Dublin” – A strange night out in old Dublin town

A few years ago, I lived in Dublin, Ireland, the setting for my short story, “Midnight in Dublin”, a tale of fate, destiny and chance, which all unravels in the course of one evening. Earlier drafts of the story were planned for London or Sydney, but changing the setting to Dublin made everything fall intoContinue reading ““Midnight in Dublin” – A strange night out in old Dublin town”