The strange and wonderful world of writing, plus quizzes, free coloring pages and fun.

Free Coloring Pages

Need some restful relaxation? Find free printable coloring pages here.

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The Alchemist of Paris

Books and Macarons

The surprising challenges of photographing books and macarons.

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Book Trivia Time!

  I have now joined Goodreads! One exciting thing I’ve been able to do, is create trivia quizzes for my books. So pop over to Goodreads and try out these FREE quizzes. Even if you have not read the books, I’d love to know what you think of the quizzes, and how many answers you canContinue reading “Book Trivia Time!”

The Many Stages of Writing a Novel

  The novel is almost finished! Writing is never a straightforward journey. Here is a rough sketch of my recent writing experiences in graph form (‘Writer’s Mood’ on one axis, ‘Time Passed’ on the other).