9. Nine Lives

  It is said that cats have nine lives. As Trixie, the black cat, peered over the rooftops below, she had a sinking feeling she may have used up all her lives already. She placed one paw in front of the other and edged along the wall. She had used up one life when she hadContinue reading “9. Nine Lives”

Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat

Even though it’s three weeks into the New Year, it’s never too late to set out your New Year Resolutions. In my opinion, you can decide on New Year Resolutions any time up until 31 December! So, in no particular order, here are my creative resolutions for 2014. 1. Get organised I was particularly inspiredContinue reading “Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat”

Creature Sketchbook

Here’s a selection of creatures I’ve found in my sketchbooks… These guys are possums, who have an unfortunate habit of moving into people’s roofs in Australia, uninvited. The largest drawing looks like the possum who kicked the ventilation grill off my bathroom ceiling one night, and decided to have a good peek inside the house.Continue reading “Creature Sketchbook”

Scary heads and a cat who became a gargoyle

  Continuing this week’s collection of unusual and spooky-ish drawings, here are some heads from an evening class I took last year. The art room was full of marble heads, statues and the odd skeleton. I thought it best to start from the beginning (or the end I guess) so first up was a skull:  Continue reading “Scary heads and a cat who became a gargoyle”

Every blog needs a cat

I like to draw all sorts of things, particularly animals. It wouldn’t be a blog without a cat, so here’s my contribution. There’s a cat at the end of my street, who looks like this. She just stares, plays it cool, surveys the scene and retreats behind the wall. She has a pretty impressive mane andContinue reading “Every blog needs a cat”