5. The leaf with five points

  The writer had set herself a task. She would write a story each week, a piece of microfiction, based around a number. She would apply herself with the same discipline as an athlete and the same dedication as a scientist. Only through practice and determination would she realise her dream of being a realContinue reading “5. The leaf with five points”

4. The Fourth Chair

  Carl did not like his brother-in-law Phillip. Phillip always seemed to know things, almost like he could read Carl’s mind. From their first meeting, to the day of Susie’s wedding, to the funeral of Carl’s aunt a few weeks ago, Phillip had that smug smile. But now Susie and Phillip had arrived on theContinue reading “4. The Fourth Chair”

3. The Three Elements

  The heat of the sun was intense. The fire warmed his limbs, as strong as a kiln. His dust-encrusted eyes flashed open. At first, all he could see was the blinding sunlight in the cloudless sky. Staggering to his feet, he gazed around a red desert. He took a step forward into this strangeContinue reading “3. The Three Elements”

2. Two guests

There is something disturbing about an abandoned hotel. A house can fall into disrepair, windows broken, steps sagging, weeds sprouting through the floorboards. A house is easily forgotten. A hotel however is always waiting – waiting for someone to arrive. The hotel above Lake Hanopui was one such hotel. Built in the 1920s in theContinue reading “2. Two guests”

1. Muse

He first saw her in the middle of the city and he knew at once that she was the one. A dreamy girl with a sweet smile, eyes meeting his just as she disappeared into the crowds. He searched for her in vain. He was late for university that day. He saw her again overContinue reading “1. Muse”

0. Clouds

  They said not to look out the window, but after traveling through darkness for so long, Charlie could not resist. The sun was rising and a gentle light suffused the clouds which swirled away to the horizon. “Sit down,” the steward said, marching through the cabin, “Everybody – seatbelts on!” He was tense. TheyContinue reading “0. Clouds”

Fiction by Numbers

Here’s something new and exciting! So that I am inspired and you are entertained in 2014 (hopefully :)), I am setting myself a new flash fiction challenge! One story, each week involving a number. But not something easy (two cats, three parsnips, four umbrellas). I will stretch myself creatively, delving deep into the imaginative realmContinue reading “Fiction by Numbers”

Flash Fiction 17. The Girl in the Crypt

Some of you were curious about the girl in the crypt, who appeared in Two Sentence Stories. Here’s her tale…   The sun had not yet risen and the sky over Paris was a dim dream-like blue. Eloise and her master walked through the cobblestone streets of the Ile de la Cite. There was somethingContinue reading “Flash Fiction 17. The Girl in the Crypt”

Flash Fiction 16. Greek Myths

  “This one or that one?” Hayley looked over the rim of her book on Greek myths. Her two teenage nieces were sitting on the deck. With the soft green summer garden behind them, their smooth brows wrinkled as they studied their iPhones. “That one is hot,” Katy said seriously, “That one’s ugly.” Jenna tookContinue reading “Flash Fiction 16. Greek Myths”

Flash Fiction 15. Christmas Past

  Grandpa didn’t have any technology at his house, so whenever he came to visit, he stared closely at the automatic garage door, sensor lights and indoor climate control. Lindy thought it was funny, but her mother just said Grandpa preferred to live the old way. Lindy couldn’t help showing off her new tablet though,Continue reading “Flash Fiction 15. Christmas Past”