6. Monsters

  Six monsters lived in Lizzie’s closet. They looked a bit like the monsters in Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things are”, only smaller. When Lizzie was a kid, they would come out at night and sit on the window sill, or walk with her in the park, or just listen to her childish chatter.Continue reading “6. Monsters”

Weekly Drawing 15 – Christmas Week

  Merry Christmas everyone! I will be taking a short break from the blog for the next two weeks. Thanks for all your support this year and for all those inspiring posts, poems, short stories, drawings, painting, photographs and musings! You are all incredibly talented, every one of you! You better believe it – I meanContinue reading “Weekly Drawing 15 – Christmas Week”

Flash Fiction 14. Showdown

  “He is here,” Grabiel declared, staring across the bombed-out rubble of what had once been Brisbane, Australia. Grabiel swung around, twelve feet tall, reptilian skin, 600 pounds of pure fighter. With a reputation as alarming as his appearance, he was the highest ranking security official in the Earth Occupation Force. Raising his weapon toContinue reading “Flash Fiction 14. Showdown”

Flash Fiction 13. The resumé flaw

  “It’s clear she’s the best applicant for the job, but -” James looked at the other partners of the law firm. They knew exactly what he meant. Richard, the head of Corporate Finance, spoke quickly to fill the silence, “She’s got excellent academic results, she’s worked in London and New York, has extensive experienceContinue reading “Flash Fiction 13. The resumé flaw”