24. New Years Eve

On an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not far from the international dateline, a young man was sitting on a white sandy beach. He shielded his eyes as a tall slender girl walked across the sand toward him. “So how are you feeling?” she said, sitting down. “I keep thinking I couldContinue reading “24. New Years Eve”

3. The Three Elements

  The heat of the sun was intense. The fire warmed his limbs, as strong as a kiln. His dust-encrusted eyes flashed open. At first, all he could see was the blinding sunlight in the cloudless sky. Staggering to his feet, he gazed around a red desert. He took a step forward into this strangeContinue reading “3. The Three Elements”

Mythology Workshop 2 – Demeter’s Feast

This piece was written for the Mythology Workshop over at the 13th Floor Paradigm. The task was to pick a mythological figure and a recipe suitable for that figure, and weave the recipe into the story. Demeter, the goddess of the corn and the harvest, seemed a promising subject. Here’s what I came up with…Continue reading “Mythology Workshop 2 – Demeter’s Feast”

Flash Fiction 4 – You’ll never want to leave

“I never want to leave,” Janey said, resting her head on her husband’s shoulder. “Stay here forever?” Stan smiled, keeping his eyes on the road, “That’d be nice.” For the last month the couple had been traveling across Western Australia. They’d driven through the mysterious Pinnacles desert, climbed the red-rock canyons of the Kalbarri Gorges,Continue reading “Flash Fiction 4 – You’ll never want to leave”

Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman

This little piece was written as part of the Mythology Workshop over at The 13th Floor Paradigm. The topic was “Gods and Goddesses visit the 21st century” and the individual story prompt was “Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”. * * * * * * * * * Hermes was tired of beingContinue reading “Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”