3. The Three Elements

  The heat of the sun was intense. The fire warmed his limbs, as strong as a kiln. His dust-encrusted eyes flashed open. At first, all he could see was the blinding sunlight in the cloudless sky. Staggering to his feet, he gazed around a red desert. He took a step forward into this strangeContinue reading “3. The Three Elements”

Flash Fiction 16. Greek Myths

  “This one or that one?” Hayley looked over the rim of her book on Greek myths. Her two teenage nieces were sitting on the deck. With the soft green summer garden behind them, their smooth brows wrinkled as they studied their iPhones. “That one is hot,” Katy said seriously, “That one’s ugly.” Jenna tookContinue reading “Flash Fiction 16. Greek Myths”