Monthly Book Review: Mohini, Salyuta, Beyond the Reef by Bryan Knower

When a story grabs you at the very first line, you know it’s going to be good. That’s exactly what happened with three short stories by Bryan Knower, which I read this weekend. Each of them have that perfect mix of plot, action and exciting locations – what more could you want! Mohini, begins withContinue reading “Monthly Book Review: Mohini, Salyuta, Beyond the Reef by Bryan Knower”

5. The leaf with five points

  The writer had set herself a task. She would write a story each week, a piece of microfiction, based around a number. She would apply herself with the same discipline as an athlete and the same dedication as a scientist. Only through practice and determination would she realise her dream of being a realContinue reading “5. The leaf with five points”

2. Two guests

There is something disturbing about an abandoned hotel. A house can fall into disrepair, windows broken, steps sagging, weeds sprouting through the floorboards. A house is easily forgotten. A hotel however is always waiting – waiting for someone to arrive. The hotel above Lake Hanopui was one such hotel. Built in the 1920s in theContinue reading “2. Two guests”

1. Muse

He first saw her in the middle of the city and he knew at once that she was the one. A dreamy girl with a sweet smile, eyes meeting his just as she disappeared into the crowds. He searched for her in vain. He was late for university that day. He saw her again overContinue reading “1. Muse”

Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat

Even though it’s three weeks into the New Year, it’s never too late to set out your New Year Resolutions. In my opinion, you can decide on New Year Resolutions any time up until 31 December! So, in no particular order, here are my creative resolutions for 2014. 1. Get organised I was particularly inspiredContinue reading “Writing journals, New Year Resolutions and a Literary Cat”

Four Ghost Stories

I’ve been very busy lately and here’s one of the reasons why: “Four Ghost Stories” went up on Amazon this week. “What’s it all about?” I hear someone hollering. Basically it’s four ghost stories. Call a spade a spade I say, no fancy titles. More specifically, here’s the blurb: Four chilling ghost stories to sendContinue reading “Four Ghost Stories”

The Wary Traveler

Feeling cold? Wishing you were on summer holiday? Wishing you were on a really interesting summer holiday with unexpected supernatural twists? For a limited time only, “The Wary Traveler” is available for free on Amazon! Rush over there now to get your copy! No dawdling! Here’s the plot: It’s midsummer in the European Alps. FourContinue reading “The Wary Traveler”

Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman

This little piece was written as part of the Mythology Workshop over at The 13th Floor Paradigm. The topic was “Gods and Goddesses visit the 21st century” and the individual story prompt was “Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”. * * * * * * * * * Hermes was tired of beingContinue reading “Mythology Workshop 1 – Hermes was tired of working as a mailman”