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The Alchemist’s Passage

The first three books in The Alchemist’s Passage series are available now.

The Alchemist of Paris

Book one – The Alchemist of Paris

In the heart of modern Paris is an old house – a house that has been hidden for almost two hundred years. The only clue to its secrets lies in a nineteenth century diary. When Ellie opens the door, she will discover not just an ancient mystery, but a tale of magic, betrayal – and immortal love, spanning the centuries.



The Alchemist of London

Book two – The Alchemist of London

In Victorian London a young woman hides a book in a library, hoping it will never be found. In modern day London the same book appears at an international auction. The pages contain priceless secrets which will obsess and transform all those who read them. As auction day approaches, can Ellie unravel the Victorian mystery in time?



The Alchemist of Rome

Book three – The Alchemist of Rome

When tourist Rebecca meets artist Antonio one sunlit afternoon in Rome, she finds herself drawn into a world of mystery, for strange forces are gathering in the Eternal City. Who is the reclusive billionaire, who exerts an unusual control over Antonio? What is his connection to the 18th century scientist Albert Price? And who are the mysterious French couple following him?

Rebecca soon realises her own life is in peril, for a deadly curse awaits those who learn the secrets of the Alchemist of Rome – a curse that will force her to face her darkest fears, and which only she can break.



Short Reads

A series of Unusual Stories with an extraordinary twist.

Book 1: Midnight in Dublin – A Tale of Fate and Destiny

Book 4: The Berlin Pictures – Magical Realism in Modern Day Berlin

Book 2: The Wary Traveler – Wanderlust with a Twist

Book 5: Four Ghost Stories – Chilling Stories set in England

Book 3: In the Time of the Forest – Romance and Mystery

Book 6: The House of Lost Shadows -Jazz Age Supernatural Mystery

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  1. The Wary Traveller was very, very excellent. The pacing was perfect, it just dripped with tension and chilling folklore and a wonderful spirit of wanderlust. When I got to Jim’s ending on the mountain I threw down the Kindle and went “Yes!” because it was exactly what it should have been, and that was fantastic.
    It was perfect.

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