Book Three in The Alchemist’s Passage

Rebecca – a young woman on holiday in Italy after the tragic death of her sister.

Antonio – a brilliant and troubled artist, with an astonishing memory of past centuries.

When their paths cross one sunlit afternoon in Rome, Rebecca finds herself drawn into a world of mystery and romance, for strange forces are gathering in the Eternal City. Who is the reclusive billionaire, who exerts an unusual control over Antonio? And who are the mysterious couple following him?

Events lead Rebecca to the Amalfi Coast, where she discovers the story of an aristocratic traveler in the 18th century who sought the elixir of life.

Rebecca soon realises her own life is in peril, for a deadly curse awaits those who learn the secrets of the Alchemist of Rome – a curse that will force her to face her darkest fears, and which only she can break.

Available from all Amazon stores in Ebook, Paperback and free on Kindle Unlimited.

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