Scary heads and a cat who became a gargoyle


Continuing this week’s collection of unusual and spooky-ish drawings, here are some heads from an evening class I took last year.

The art room was full of marble heads, statues and the odd skeleton. I thought it best to start from the beginning (or the end I guess) so first up was a skull:

He was going to finish that novel – one day…


Next up was the “Planes of the Head” cast, developed to show where shadows fall on the face.  The two on the left are “Planes of the Head”. The strung out looking guy on the right is an example of the muscles in the face.


Scary heads
“Planes of the Head” and a strung out looking guy


Lastly, here is a cat from a few weeks ago. I don’t know what happened. I’ve drawn a cat okay before. Somehow, I misjudged the length of its nose or I just discovered this cat’s true nature, because unfortunately it ended up looking a bit like a gargoyle.

Happy Halloween!


Cat who turned into a gargoyle
Cat who turned into a gargoyle  

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    • Ha! Don’t put things off forever, I guess is the message! A lady in the class used to joke we were doing afterlife drawing, not life drawing.

      The cat has a personality. Just not the personality I was trying to capture…. 🙂

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