23. The Perfect Age

I had a Christmas story, but didn’t post it in time – I will have to post it next year. So for number 23 in the “Fiction by Numbers” series, here’s another short and sweet piece from the vampire underworld…

*  *  *  *  *

She’d read somewhere that twenty three was the perfect age.

At twenty three a person was said to have financial independence, health, love, and hope for the future. At twenty three, so it was said, a person had found their path.

Of course life is never like that. There can be wars, depressions, upheaval and rebellions. Youth can be lost to plague or worry or fear. Life was just a matter of finding your time, and seizing it.

Evangeline liked being twenty three though. She liked the smoothness of her face, the glossiness of her hair and the lightness of her step. She liked how she could wear the latest fashions and how she had the assuredness of the young.

The eternally young.

As Evangeline gazed into the sky over the city, a pang of sadness stuck her heart. It looked so different from when she was alive.

Evangeline was a vampire, and she’d been twenty three for some time now…


An exercise in micro-fiction – stories which run from zero to twenty four

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© 2014 M. C. Dulac

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    • Awww – not at all!

      (Plus becoming a vampire gives you a just-returned-from-a-weekend-at-the-health-spa boost, according to vampire lore, so even if they catch us on a bad hair day when we’ve slept badly and feel utterly exhausted from work and doing the dishes, we’ll still look fabulous when we recover!) 🙂

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