I #AmWriting

I am now #writing on Twitter! I am also currently #wondering if it is possible to edit a tweet, or if the exclamation mark I regret typing on #my first tweet will be there for #all eternity.

Okay, I will not overdo the #hashtags. However, I am excited to be where it is @!

Last year I set myself a goal of writing a flash fiction a week, based around a number. Although the intention was to reach 52 stories, I finished the year at 24.  The “Fiction by Numbers” series may return but in the meantime I am going to post links to the stories to Twitter.

Story one is a love story for writers (if you’d like to read it again you can find it here).

To ensure you don’t miss a tweet, feel free to follow me, share advice or just say hello at @mc_dulac

Happy Valentines Day to you all!
Happy Valentines Day to you all!

9 responses to “I #AmWriting”

  1. I’d love to help you, but I just opened mine recently, and I have no idea how everything goes properly there! I am going to follow you and I am looking forward to reading more of your writing!

  2. You did it! I’ll have to follow you. I don’t tweet that often, but I check Twitter pretty regularly. And, no, once the tweet has been tweeted, there is no editing. You can always delete it and then tweet it again, but there’s no going back once it’s out there. The community is pretty forgiving about it, though, because everyone sends a misspelled tweet every now and then.

    • That’s good to know! I’ve found lots of interesting things on Twitter, however I am wondering how I will have time to read them all!

      Yes, it’s only taken me 18 months to finally get to Twitter. But I have the semi-final draft of the story about the alchemist. The only problem is my first beta reader did not like the guy the heroine ended up with! How is your writing going? Is there a Libby book in the pipeline ? 🙂

      • Oh, yes, the twitter feed moves quickly. You just have to let some of them go.

        A semi-final draft – that’s great. I would give it to some other readers and see what they think about the guy. If others don’t like him, you might have a problem. If the others like him, then it’s probably okay.

        Yes, my vampire book is with my editor right now. I should get the first review back on Monday. Then we’ll do a couple more passes before I publish. Right now, I estimate that it will be released in June of this year!

  3. It took me a good few months to figure out what Twitter is all about. The aim is interaction with other tweeps and retweeting what interests you. I must admit I’m not on as often as when I first joined. BTW, I’ve followed ;D

    • I was proud of my 50 followers, but now I see that you have 14k!! Congratulations! I’m enjoying Twitter so far. I also see you have a new book in the works!

      • It’s taken me 3 years to 14K followers. But it does grow.
        Yes, I am very excited about my new book. It’s still based on Greek mythology but with a little twist 😀

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