Book Review: Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E Smith

Here’s a great, immensely enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction (which I think includes all of you). This writer popped into my blog a few weeks weeks ago and I’m totally thrilled to discover and recommend her debut novel, “Cemetery Tours”.

The hero, Michael Sinclair, has a problem – he can see, hear and speak to ghosts. Michael is determined to ignore his ability, despite the constant paranormal chattering and activity in his Texas apartment building. Then Kate Avery and her brother Gavin move into the apartment across the hall. Kate and Michael are instantly attracted to each other but unfortunately she and Gavin have brought with them a particularly angry and menacing ghost. Kate is also a huge fan of “Cemetery Tours” the number one (or is that two 🙂 ) rating paranormal investigation show on T.V. When Luke Rainer, the dashing and buff host of the show turns up and captures Kate’s attentions, Michael’s problems are no longer limited to the supernatural.

Of course talking to ghosts is never a good idea. While trying to solve the mystery of the ghost haunting Kate, Michael encounters some other spirits with something to say, and Kate, Michael and Luke are soon on the track of a possible real-life murderer.

Cemetery Tours is enormous fun. The book is well-written, the plot is addictive, the twists and turns are fantastic, the characters are funny and real (my favourite being Brink, Michael’s room-mate 🙂 ) and the deadpan humour (no pun intended) will keep you smiling for a long time. I even got scared a few times (that might just be me actually). I give it five stars – impossible to put down!!

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