The Wary Traveler

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Feeling cold? Wishing you were on summer holiday? Wishing you were on a really interesting summer holiday with unexpected supernatural twists? For a limited time only, “The Wary Traveler” is available for free on Amazon!

Rush over there now to get your copy! No dawdling!

Here’s the plot:

It’s midsummer in the European Alps. Four young Americans are traveling the well-worn trail, immersed in the noise and bars of the tourist towns. But Jim’s desire to get off the beaten track soon leads him deep into the mountains, where a summertime festival, ancient legends and charismatic strangers guide him to a strange destiny.

You can get your copy here!

You know how it goes:

  • I hope you like it! If you don’t, well, you can tell me in a polite way!
  • If you like it, tell someone! Indie writers survive by reviews, so please post a review on Amazon.
  • If you love it, tell everyone! Put it on your Goodreads profile, Facebook, Twitter, tell the bus driver, the waitress in the cafe, the guy at the carwash, your grandma AND all the dog and cat owners waiting in line at the vet! Go crazy – I will leave it to you!

Offer ends midnight Sunday 8 December 2013 Pacific Standard Time.

13 responses to “The Wary Traveler”

    • Thanks so much J.S!! I hope you enjoy it!

      I kid you not, I never look at horoscopes, but yesterday mine said “You are keenly aware of what could go wrong this weekend”. What a thing to say on the day of my first Amazon free run! Then I think it said something about not worrying!

    • You are a star Jennifer! 🙂

      It’s been so much fun blogging and sharing pics and poems and stories,that it feels strange to go back to Kdp.

      I don’t know if you follow – he is a writer and blogger who explains the business side of Amazon, and how to ensure you utilise all the tools to gain visibility! I wish I had read his stuff before I started. I’m learning as I go – even this free trial run is a learning experience (I have to stop myself looking at the kdp stats page every hour – it’s been “Woohoo, another download in Canada!!”)).

      I might write a post about lessons learned – the good, the bad and the “can do better”!

      And then I’ll get back to the really fun part of blogging, which is checking out cat pictures and writing next week’s flash fiction 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Your short stories are very impressive and your novel sounds intriguing! I will ensure I download it!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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