Character Sketches

I am surrounded by creative projects in various stages of completion. Here are some character sketches from an ambitious plan I had to write an illustrated novel. Our beautiful heroine has been captured…   By a mean and pompous vampire-hunter… And held captive in a terrifying prison, where the guards keep watch… Due to herContinue reading “Character Sketches”

Don’t Let the World Pass You By

  It’s the return of the cartoons! Writing, blogging, indie publishing, not to mention day-jobs, night-jobs, pets, kids, etc often seem to leave no time for anything else. So don’t forget to take time out, and don’t let the world pass you by. *  *  *  *  * And.. a promotion! “Midnight in Dublin” isContinue reading “Don’t Let the World Pass You By”

Weekly Drawing 15 – Christmas Week

  Merry Christmas everyone! I will be taking a short break from the blog for the next two weeks. Thanks for all your support this year and for all those inspiring posts, poems, short stories, drawings, painting, photographs and musings! You are all incredibly talented, every one of you! You better believe it – I meanContinue reading “Weekly Drawing 15 – Christmas Week”